Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being broke sucks!

Well, its true in EVE and the Real World...it takes money to make money. At least the amount of money needed to afford all the shiney new and wonderful objects in EVE!!

This has really been the biggest struggle I have with continuing to play EVE. I read blogs and see corp killmails highlighting the struggle and fun others have in killing other people in this game. I like that, I enjoyed that in Warhammer Online with its easy ability to find a group in open RvR or join scenarios. Now as always pick up groups often got slaughtered, but many time you could still get in on the kills. No matter what it was easy and the entry barrier was so low.

That isn't possible in EVE. Yes, you can PvP in a frigate and tackle...but if your time is limited (as the name of this blog suggests) and your corp isn't on or available, your ability to fight other characters on a limited budget is almost nil...at least for me. I have a total of 100 Million between the characters on my two accounts. I finally have one person at lvl 4 mission, as in a couple of days will start them on Gallente Battleships for a Domi...now I have to sink almost 60% of my total worth into a ship to get more money. A direct vilolation of the "don't fly what you can't afford to lose" motto. I'm trying PI to gain money, and it can and does work...if I get on every day for at least 30 minutes to buy and move stuff around, something I just can do.

Bottom line, I'm not in nullsec, I'm broke, I'm certainly not buying a game card and changing it to isk, and I'm not having much fun...so why the hell am I sticking around?

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