Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LIfe in NullSec

While scouting around after failing another Level 4 mission, the Blood Raider's Vengeance, I looked at DotLan and noticed the entrance into NullSec's Providence region right off the Kari system, which happened to be 0.6.  Now I remember seeing this before and even remember that there was some alliance there CVA that was kicked out the same time I was during my last attempt to live in Null. 

So grabbing my alt's covops Buzzard, I headed into the unknown looking for planets that I could run in and PI on, then run back out into hi-sec.  Warping into the sun and cloaking up, I thought I'd hit the bonanza, there were three Lava and one Storm planet and five others to work with all with Player Owned Custom Offices (POCO) set at 5% tax...half of what I pay in hi-sec.  I loaded up the command centers on the Iterion III of the alt and headed out.  Jumping in and then warping around I attempted to drop a command center when I was hit with a dreaded warning.

*You must be part of the alliance to build command centers*

Crap.  Then I looked at who owned the station and warping to a couple of other systems noticed the same owners, which DotLan confirmed.  So throwing caution to the wind, I joined their public chat and introduced myself.  My stunning personality must have stupefied them as after a couple of days they left me join....of course, they had just been wardec'd so moving my stuff through Domain and into Providence was going to prove difficult.  So right as the war started I jump cloned into The Citadel and picked up my trusty PvP fit (poorly) Vexor and took it all the way to Tash and the Bavisi system.  There I transferred my stuff to my second account, the one with the maxed out Itty V.  I plotted the course, missing the Amarr trade hub, and at around midnight my time proceeded to move out. 

First, war targets have a red box with a star and people with terrible (-10) standing have a red box with a minus sign.  I say that as I about had a heart attack with four jumps in there were four "reds".  Fortunately, they were not war targets so they couldn't shoot me.  Leading with the Vexor, I scouted for the Itty and made it into my new home without incident.  It was now like 1am my time, but knew I needed to strike while the iron was hot and turned right around and headed back the 10+ jumps to Bavisi to grab the mining barges and remaining modules.  It was 2:20am or so before I got all my stuff back into my new home and finished for the night.  I never did see a war target on then.

Got on the next day and drove around seeing where the corporation bookmarks would take me.  First off, I'd like to thank CCP and my alliance for the wonderful jump network..does that make moving around MUCH easier.  I found our industrial system and moved the miners there, got into fleet to camp the gate and worked on getting Teamspeak to work.  Finally, around 12:30am or so, I decided to go get the Domi.  I had to fly it down as I had rigs on it and I'm too cheap to throw them away.  I took the trip back with one account in a covops and the other in a shuttle.  I picked up the Domi and reversed the process, once again, I didn't see a war target the entire time. 

So now, I'm in null with both accounts and both accounts have haulers in neutral corporation to help my get stuff from highsec to null.  Additionally, I learned that CVA is back and running Providence again and they have the unusual NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) policy instead of NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy adopted by every other Null Sec alliance.

Can't wait to see what the future brings here.

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