Friday, September 17, 2010

Sitting in Idle

Its been awhile, RL and the lack of any movement left me with little to say. The Black Prophesy is sitting in idle right now with leadership having to take some time off. I've elected to stay, even though its mainly a solo thing right now for a few reasons.

1. I still don't play that much, so trying to get into an active corp will be a pain in the butt.
2. I like the corp and the players in it, enought that I'm willing to wait a few months before looking to leave.
3. I'm just starting to develop my skills and ship stable. I'm almost able to use a L4 Q16 agent, I'm ratting in 0.0 space for some isk, and our alliance is still fairly active with roams up at Moa available if I'm interested.
4. One of the guys and I are starting an alt corp for research and PI stuff.

So, all-in-all, things are much like they were when I reactivated with me doing stuff by myself. However, I do know that I have backup (at the price of the occasional wardec) if needed.

To generate some isk, I've launched a new PI manufacturing system for one of my mains, Attia, as two other alts. One alt is in 0.0 space extracting materials and now that Attia is in a cov ops getting in and out is much easier. The others are buying P1 materials and then manufactring P2 through P4 items. Frankly, some people are selling materials at all levels that are SO FRIGGIN below their cost...they are running themselves out of money. Its strange, but allows me to buy there cheap stuff and then make a profit on higher ranked items...all without me having to click thorugh 50+ extractors. Even if I can clear 10mill a day doing this, that will be enough for my playing time.

Things are looking up...or at least interesting

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