Friday, August 27, 2010

Where oh where shall my little corp go...

Looks like the small piece of 0.0 that the corp leadership was looking at had a visit by the Goonswarm for the past few days. The fact that the area may have frequent 30 man fleets that come through will put a damper on moving into that area.

Of course we did identify a great constellation in Curse...low jumps per day, single system entrance, off the pipeline....and owned by Noir apparently. They won't mind if we come and take over…right?

My PI plan is continuing to progress on the sub-alts, the first character is ready to lay down 4 command centers and the fifth will be ready in a couple of days. It took a little longer to finish as I forgot I had to train new characters up the Gallente frigate and industrial skills as well. Fortunately, that is only an extra days' training and I have the BPO for Iteron III's, and they are cheap to make. I dislike delaying the training on my main characters, but this will start paying for itself in the long run.

This brings me to the root cause of my problems, the lack of isk and consistent generation of funds. Now hopefully the PI plan will alleviate some of that, but the plan will require a significant which I've already paid for and lost while in 0.0. To put all four alts with five planets each, is at a minimum 18.5M isk for Command centers per character, plus training fees around 3M isk per character, and finally the PI setup itself which generally runs around 2M isk per planet. So for each character it is a total investment of approx 24M isk per character. Given that is about half of what I have in both can see the level of risk that I'm assuming.

I did decide on a training least a short term one for Jonzac my main. I'm continuing to work the support skills for him...weapons upgrade V, advance weapons upgrade IV, long range targeting IV. I'll then start on projective weapons up to medium projective V. Once I have enough money to buy/make a Dominix Battle ship I'll start training the skills to fly that with Med T2 guns (either hybrid or projectile) to rat with in and perform L4 mission in.

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