Friday, August 20, 2010

What now?

I'm at an impass. I have hit the 9M skill point on my two characters and I'm unsure of what to train for next.

My combat character has training interceptors and can fly Gallente interceptors with T2 blasters or rails. I've also been able to fly Gallente Assault ships, fitted with T2 hybrids as well. I have Calari and Minmater frigates at level 4 and those cruisers at level 4 as well. I'm currently able to clear Level 3 Q19 missions with no trouble in my Myrmidon and it will be a little bit before I have the standing to fly Level 4 mission.

So what to train for next. My issue isn't WHAT I want to fly, its my inability to AFFORD anything to fly that is the problem right now. I had to buy a new Mrym and fit it out and that broke the back. I've never been flush...ever and its really starting to hamper my game playing. I've attempted the trading game and either I just don't get it, or I can't spend the time to "get" it.

I've decided to pause training on my two main characters and train the four additional characters slots you get. I'm training all of them to handle PI and it takes 9 days for each character to meet my PI training requirements. When I'm done, each character will be able to use the advanced command center on 5 planets. This will allow me to pull every P0 and P1 material off the planet for sale...or I could eventually move into P4 production or final Sov/POS construction if I want.

Hopefully, I can pull between 50-100million isk a month in with this effort. If I can reach that goal, it will meet my modest isk requirements for the next year at least.


  1. having done the "what skill should I train next" thing, I'm happy to say it's easier/more comprehensive when you set up a whole training campaign in eveMon. This tool will let you set up a whole campaign plan for, let's say, being able to fly a all t2 fitted marauder. Just dump the items you want to use (from a loadout on BC, etc) , and you'll get back a list of skills your character needs.

    Another way to get guidance with training direction is by the use of certificates. For starters, getting all "core" ones to elite will keep you busy for at least another 30M sp (I'm still working on mine ;P)

  2. I really should develop a long range plan...but I get so distracted by the newest thing. Not mental fortitude I tell you.