Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back on the horse

It really has been to long. I have to admit, in the confusion of everything that has happened in EVE combined with a rather busy Real Life...and knowing that no one reads this anyway...I've been remiss on posting anything at all. Well, that stops now, I remembered I was doing this for my own benefit and I shouldn't depend on readers to keep me going.

Where to start? The alliance I was in failscaded, the area of space turned into a hot drop zone, Atlas and the NC look ready to start hostilities. HTA where my corp belonged completely dropped SOV, corps and has completely disbanded. I don't know all the details, but given the fact the alliance couldn't be arsed into defending its own territory. The constant small gang roams that were never found and killed, the single bombers that would attack at the gate...never a firm smackdown from the alliance.

Since we were forced rather abuptly from 0.0, we had to leave a lot of stuff in the stations...all of which I managed to sell except for the T1 stuff, which won't sell and I can't refine, so it sits there cluttering up my assets window. I suppose that I could trash it all, but somehow I hope against hope that I'll be able to go get that stuff one day. Not sure why, its not valuable, but the fact that I had to leave against my will probably explains that for me.

Needles the say the corporation has been in a state of flux while we assess the damages and attempt to figure out what to do. Although this is often the time when corporations find themselves in trouble and shedding members, Black Prophesy has not...which makes me very glad that I managed to land in a corp that has a good corp of internal strength.

We've managed to figure out what's next and started our own alliance and have just identified a new area of 0.0 space to head to. Obviously, as a new alliance we are going to NPC space first. Now I just need to get there to start some actual PvP.

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