Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Start at the Begining

Let's start at the begining...a very good place to start.
*If you can place that reference you are probably older than 30*

I said earlier that I got started in 2007, when I heard of this game from the Falcon 4.0 website Frugalsworld. The site owner, Frugal, was into this game and started a corp FW, Inc. which I understand is still active. Like all newcomers to the game...I was completely and hopelessly lost and confused. Remember this was before a nice new tutorial and what race, and family you choose affected your initial attributes.

I like to build things, I enjoyed the original crafting mechanics in Star Wars: Galaxy when the same ore could have different statistics and that would affect the end product...Very complex, in many ways more complex than even Eve. With that in mind, I started an industrialist and miner, then got side tracked into some combat and missions, and then some other shiny new object would float in front of my screen and I'd start training for that. The constant thrash inevitably led me to start a second account. After reading Halada's excellent mining guide, I started a Caldari miner and eventually put that character into a Covetor. By then the corp had moved to low-sec...which I was COMPLETELY unprepared for...couple that with the fact that many in the FW were on at different times and my own random play times led to the typical Eve response. I quit.

Now three years later. Older, wiser...more importantly my kids are mostly self-sufficient and well on the way to becoming gamers themselves. I'm ready to give Eve another try with another small corporation, Hal Corporation (HALC). This time, however, I've realized that Eve will require more planning and forethought than I gave it in the past...or I ever did with WoW or Warhammer Online.

So that means a dedicated plan and hopefully the willpower to stay with it.

First, I have determined the roles of my two accounts. Jonzac, will become my combat/trader. Although he also has high science, engineering and industrial skills from the first try in Eve...which allows a certain freedom in preparing for eventual Invention on BPOs. Those Research Points are free and since I don't have to put any effort into that right now, I just sit back and collect Datacores. Right now at just over 5 million Skill Points, I can file Caldari/Gallente/Minmater frigates all at level 4 and all those cruisers at level 4. I am into Battlecruisers, but like all new characters I made the mistake of training for ships and no support skills, which is being rectified but takes time.

Second, my miner, Attia is focusing on industrials, transports and freighters. I have put off getting into a Hulk right now for several reasons. The 25 million Isk for the skill book and the 30 million plus cost of the ship makes that less appealing right now. I am a long way from being able to afford a freighter right now, but that and an Orca are both ships that I would like to have and fly when possible.

Now, all I need to figure out is how everyone makes so much &^%@ damn money!

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