Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obligitory First Post

*walks into room filled with folding chairs*

Hi my name is Jonzac

Hi Jonzac

Well now that we have the introductions completed.

I'm an EVE capsuleer, which means YES I do play the MMO called EVE online. I played this game back in 2007 for about six months and then moved onto different fields as I didn't take the time needed to truely "peel back the onion" on this game.

Flash forward to 2010, after reading some posts in forums I inhabit the topic of EVE sprung up. Some folks where headed back into the game and having put away WOW and realizing that I don't have the time to finish and compete in the end game of Warhammer Online, I thought I'd give EVE another try.

Currently, I've joined a small, new corporation as I head back into the sprawling universe that is EVE. Of course, all of this gaming goodness must be balanced with the spousal unit and several rugrats...not to mention the hour and a half commute I deal with EACH WAY!!!

All of that leaves me with a limited time to play and few Skill points and even fewer isk. I plan to detail my journey here, because really...doesn't everyone need to benfit from my wisdom? I thought that you would agree with me.

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