Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tyrannis is what!

The title sounds more bitter that it really is, but it is a valid question for many people in the Eve Universe. Yes, planets are now yet another carrot for people to follow, another way the gap between the average player and the committed player will continue to grow.

I see that CCP is trying to magically erase that gap, but it just won't happen. Imagine focused industrial corporations that currently sweep entire systems free of asteroids now consuming all the highsec planets they can get their hands on. Given that the planets resources can "run out" if drawn on too heavily it would be easy to see how a small, beginning player will be shut out of any meaningful use of planetary interaction.

If I was a pirate, I would be salivating over this change. The increased goods on lowsec worlds will force people to set up shop in lowsec. The fact that the planet only has ONE customs center to dock in and out of...therefore one GUARANTEED spot to camp at, I expect the e-peens of the pirate community to become swollen as they trumpet their ability to gank an Itty III full of oxygen.

Large industrialists/corps will be able to make the isk on control towers and modules and the nullsec folks will have even less reason to come to highsec...especially as the nullsec ores get a bonus to the more common minerals.

Planetary interaction seems like a giant step forward, and maybe with DUSK 514 it will, but for now it is just another menu screen and minigame that will allow those with isk to continue to make even more of it and making the mountain the newer folks have to climb even that much steeper.

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