Monday, June 21, 2010

50 Minutes of Boredom for 10 Minutes of Panic

Eve often seems like this, a lull in which you frantically train skills and attempt to earn isk to prepare for when things get crazy. After spending more time with EFT in an attempt to identify why I'm so slow at killing Angle Warlord Battleship spawns in my Mrymiddon, I discovered how my drone DPS was half of what it could and should be.

I guess when I look at the Tech 1 drones and drone interfacing at only 3, with Combat Drones at should be fairly obvious why I'm not killing anything very quickly. I read another blogger several months ago that described the difference between high-sec and null-sec...and it boiled down to the fact that a mediocre skill set was adequate in high-sec and total inadequate in null-sec.

So I've rapidly started down that drone path and quickly got the ability use Minmater Tech 2 drones and up'd my Combat Drone skill to IV. So hopefully I'll see a bit of difference in taking down the six cruiser spawn and the multiple battleship spawns I see.

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