Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wagons HO!!!

The great CCP sponsored land rush as begun...and I'm stuck at work. I'm ready to buy the needed command centers, I've scanned the right planets and I can't because I'm at work. Oh well, internet spaceships are important...but so is a paycheck.

Planetary industrialism looks like a nice supplementary income, but I am wondering just how much of this an alliance will be forced to accomplish to remain viable. The need to develop T2 component building streams alone would seem to make this a high priority, however, many alliances may have their T2 industry far away in highsec alt corps. I personally think there will be a profit for T2 components in nullsec, at least I'm betting my production lines on that because I certainly do not need the components as I can't perform invention yet.

I've started to settle into my new nullsec home, but the constant interruptions are a new experience for me. I've gotten to where I can handle the rats, mine for ore (albeit without the huge numbers as I train for nullsec T2 crystals) and remain safe from those threats. The constant need to stop as neutrals and reds are seen in the constellation are annoying. Although I'm glad I wasn't in the system the 100+ Goonswarm fleet moved into and put a tower into reinforced. The tower had a capital building array and it sounds like Goonswarm was trying to nip that capital ship in the bud. It will be interesting if Atlas and the other large alliances respond.

So far I've enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of nullsec, despite my more limited playing time. I do need to make some more isk soon, although the limited mining I've done has been lucrative. I've started working on the ME levels of my BPOs but the price at the alliance station is more than my wallet will allow for the ship BPOs I have. It looks like I will have to try and find a Mobile Laboratory BPC and build one at the corp POS...assuming I can get permission and there is spare CPU and Power on the tower.

Overall I'm glad I've moved to nullsec and now I need to start getting involved in the PvP side of things. Just tackling alone in a small group would be a great start, if I can carve a good solid hour of uninterrupted time.

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