Friday, June 25, 2010

First Loss

How many times have you read a blog or guide and the first thing they point out is; don't go AFK, you have to pay attention in nullsec or you'll get killed.

Well, they were right. I was dual screening and checking the PI setup of my industrial alt while I took care of the Angel Battleships guarding the TTP gate in LVL space right after the server was given new life by CCP. I can slowly handle BS with my Myrmidon, but with my lower skills it does take a while and I spend my day with zero shields and both armor reps working overtime.

So, I'm taking the last of the multi-BS spawn when, I look up and realize I'm further in red armor than I should be. I see a bunch of grey drones flying around and it takes me about 10 seconds to realize that I'm the one they neutral is hitting and not the rat...crap, I'm a victim of the alliance NRDS policy and my own inattention.

I quickly align and start to warp to a celestial and I think I'm going to get out with under 20% structure. I see the warp initiated and then my pod. I continue to hit the warp to 0 and save the pod. I call out the contact in intel and head to the station to reship and collect my gear and point the bastard if he's still there. I show up, Bab00che, isn't there and neither is my ship or Valkyrie II's. I half expected my wreck to be looted, but I couldn't even find my wreck. It wasn't on d-scan, nor even where I warped to. I have NO idea what happened to my stuff. Bab00che didn't have time to loot and salvage, unless the Angel BS took care of that for him? Very strange.

So, I did have insurance so I only took a 15million isk hit to the pocket book...which is still like 10% of my total value, but it was a learning experience. I cried and ran to high-sec.

Not really, I did get a bit pissed off that a neutral was unreported in intel and allowed to roam. Makes me wish I was in a NBSI alliance. I may just take the fight to neuts in the future, however, as I don't want this to happen again. I did jump to high-sec with a clone jump to do some shopping and little bit of mission running.

I need to get from 3.21 standing to 4.70 with my R&D NPC corp to start my T2 Drone invention. I think between that and building POS modules, I can at least bankroll some of my PvP intent.

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