Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red is SUCH an angry color!

0.0 space, the final frontier...these are the voyages.

"These are the voyages of miners who sit in the bloody station all damn day, that's what it is", yelled Attia as she threw her drink against the wall.

The statement above describes my frustration right now. Right now Red Alliance and Goons have identified my alliance of HTA for either general harassment or outright attack. From what I've been able to gather the Goons are looking to return to the space they've held before and identified HTA as their first target. Unfortunately for the Goons, they attacked a POS and CSAA held by the GREEN alliance thinking it was HTA. That brought a rather sharp response from -A-, Atlas and all the member of the Southern Alliance.

It also pointed out the major flaw in both -A- and Atlas' setup of multiple Holder Alliances....Standings. When -A- reset all of Atlas Holders to -10 to promote their vision of "small gang, no sov" PvP, the unintended consequence of that was -A- flashing red to all the Atlas Holders that responded to Atlas' call-to-arms. The splitting of space into small packets held by holder alliances is a viable strategy, but it places the burden to respond to outside threats squarely with the major Southern Alliance players. For standard operations leaving all holder alliances at -10 is the way they desire their area...but when faced with an outside threat, they MUST reset the standings for fleet ops to allow the contribution of holder alliances and corps. Unless they fall prey to the same problem that CVA created, a feeling of entitlement and superiority that alienates the rest of the Southern space, a major reason cited as CVA's failure.

With all that said, my PvP characters are still infants and my playtime still fairly limited...I was stuck in highsec as a 30-40 Goon fleet in TTP-2B was killed and my jump clone still had 30 minutes until I could jump back into nullsec. *Damn you 24 hour timer*

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