Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally!!! Planetary Pillaging has commenced

My corp was finally able to deliver the planetary centers I'd ordered. The several day delay was due to the high red level in our system, thanks to the crazy diplomatic situation with -A-, Atlas and Atlas Holders. (Another story, and one I'm really not qualified to comment on...not like I'll let that stop me.)

I setup a Plasma planet Advanced Command Center (PCC) and started laying down the needed extractors and factories to make Mechanical Parts. Now I know that I only need the one Plasma planet to make Robotics, a P3 item that was my end goal, but I'm not sure I can pull it off with only one Plasma planet now. I've hit 80% usage on the powergrid of my PCC and I still need to make the P2 product Consumer Electronics...and I don't see how I can fit that into the existing setup I have now. This means I need to go buy another PCC and find another Plasma planet to develop the needed items. Well, so much for the initial plan.

The actual layout and building of the extraction sites and routes was fairly easy, especially if you've taken a little time to read the Eve University guide and watched the player made tutorial on YouTube.

I finished my layout and started my extractors in 20 minutes...not bad for my first time. I just didn't realize that the links would take so much powergrid. The other point I had missed was the needed factories that I would need. I naively assumed the same factory would be able to process different raw materials at the same time, which was a false assumption. I need to have a basic factory to process each individual raw material, which means I have to have a total of four different basic factories and three advanced factories to make robotics on the same planet. That CPU and Powergrid drain coupled with the extended link lengths will make single planet Robotics production out of reach...at least on the planet I'm currently on.

I'm going to carve the time out tonight to finish laying out the two Lava planets and the Barren planet that I've identified and get them started. I will be selling my products in 0.0 space and it will be interesting to see the price differential between 0.0 and Jita. I'm not really sure how T2 components and POS supplies will sell as I don't know how many Corps and Alliances will develop their own in-house production lines. I plan to sell to my own Corp first, which will hopefully make supporting it easier and allow me to convince the leadership to stick a mobile laboratory on the POS so I can research my BPOs a lot more cheaply.

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