Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Planetary Interaction

First, I wanted to thank CraxyKinux for adding me to the Eve Blog Roll. I hope that a) someone reads these ramblings and b) finds some use from them.

On to the planet! One item that was not mentioned in the several guides I read, was the cost of building your planetary infrastructure. Of course, everyone understood the cost of buying the actual command center, but there is an additional cost for every extractor, processor, launch pad and link you make on you planet. The payments you make go to CONCORD, even though I'm in nullsec and they don't do a damn thing for me out here.

I have a standard setup that lets me build one P2 item per planet that includes the following pieces.

1 command center...this is not linked to anything
1 Launch Pad
1 Advanced Processor...output is linked to the launch pad
2 Basic for each raw material to P1 material...the output is linked back to the storage silo
1 Storage Silo...links the raw material out to the basic processors and accepts the P1 material back...then links to the Advanced processor to send the P1 material there for processing.
7-8 Extractors for each raw material (for a total of 14-16 extractors per planet)...these are daisy chained with 3 or 4 extractors linked to a "lead" extractor and only one link from the "lead" extractor to the Storage silo.

I keep my extraction at the 23 hour option and with 8 extractors I only have one main link that needs upgrading due to the extremely high yield I put my extractors on.

This setup on 5 planets cost me 11.3M isk to setup. So with the five 3.7M isk command centers my total investment to date is 29.8M isk. I do not have the yield for one day from four of my planetary production sites, but for the site on a plasma planet that is making Mechanical Parts, I have a total of 130 units for one day’s production. The current buy rate in the area of 0.0 I am in was 1,700 isk per unit. Assuming that this planet was 1/5th of the total installation cost of 11.3M isk, the total initial investment for this plasma planet was 5.96M isk. Assuming the price for Mechanical Parts stayed at 1,700 isk/unit, I would need to produce 3506 units of Mechanical Parts. Given that my production of those items is approx 130 unit/day, I will need 27 day to reach the break even point. Clear planetary interaction is not a quick money maker, but a longer term industrial investment. I will continue to verify these numbers and look at the viability of specializing with one or two P3 materials instead of the P2 items. I will be producing Robotics by the end of the day, and given their buy price of 5,000 isk and selling price of 10,000 isk where I am at, the profitability may be worth the effort to move farther up the production chain.

Clearly Planetary Interaction is not a quick money maker, nor one that could support a PvP account on its own. I have several guesses on what the market is going to do, but looking at the inability for one character to make POS modules on their own, corporations or alliances are GOING to have to make this a priority sooner rather than later.

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